Monday, 7 April 2014

Why Nature Is Good For You

The other weekend I, my parents and dog went on an one-hour drive to get out of the city and into the nature. It was wonderful. We took a walk next to a river, walked through the forest and then had a delicious lunch at restaurant near the river. The sky was entirely blue so that the sun could heat us up.

I believe that everyone who has a chance should go into the nature every now and then. At least everyone who knows how to behave there. I find it disgusting when I see that people don't take their behavings and trash with them when they're leaving a place whether it's the popular swimming lake near the city center or the untouched forest. That's just not how you do it and if someone doesn't get that he should stay at home.
But if you respect the nature you wil be rewarded with all of its natural goods. Nothing you can buy. :)

Fresh Air - No air tastes as good as fresh air. Just a one or two hour drive out of your city means more clear air. Your skin will thank you for that little timeout as well.
Clears Your Head - If you have a lot of stress going on in your life (e.g. exams, moving, job) a day in the nature without any sounds of traffic or people will help you clear your head. You'll be surprised how relaxing it is just to think nothing for a second. But you can as well find solutions and answers to questions you've been asking yourself. There's no pressure which makes it easier to reflect on your own.

Calms You - Birds singing, trees moving slowly with the wind... Who can be unsettled at a place like this?

Inspires You - Nature has so many forms and colours. Just keep your eyes open, be intent and you'll find beauty and inspiration.

Let's You Explorer - The nature doesn't set you boundaries as long as you respect it and know where these boundaries should be. Go on an adventure! Walk barefoot through ice cold spring water, drink from it! Roll down a hill until you don't where up and down is anymore! (But please be safe, haha). So many unused possibilities. We don't want to leave them unused, do we?

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