Sunday, 20 April 2014


Shirt - Urban Outfitters
Jacket - Zara
Jeans - Topshop
Shoes - Converse
Watch - Micheal Kors
Necklace - Topshop

Just to let you know I mirrored the pictures so that you could read the label on my shirt. I absolutely do not regret eventually buying the "Homiès" T-Shirt last year in London even though I was unsure at first. I mean you usually say that you shouldn't buy clothes you aren't 100% sure about from the first sight but I say exceptions confirm the rule. I especially love the cut of the shirt as it's not to tight but still well shaped (in comparsion to a man's shirt).

By the way I shot some more outfit posts this week but it might take a while until I'm finally able to blog properly again as I currently have to study for my final exams. (But this definitely counts as studying for English, right?) 
For the time when I'm eventually done with stduying I plan on blogging a lot more. It's so much fun!

Friday, 11 April 2014

Flower Top

Top - Forever 21
Jacket - Zara
Scarf - H&M
Jeans - Topshop 
Shoes - Converse
Watch - Micheal Kors
Bag - Topshop

I think flower tops are the best way to start spring. I fell in love when I found this little fellow at Forever 21. They had quite a big selection of flower prints when I last went there which really delighted me. I really liked my outfit that day as I think the flowers on my top are great in combination with my bordeaux jeans! But I gotta say that I'm a bit uncontent with my shoes which means I need to go shoe shopping soon! I've already made a shoe wishlist on polyvore (clicke here to see it). This list should be a little help for when I'm going to the city center for shopping. 
My bag by the way was a gift by Topshop. They handed me the bag when I went there last time. Even tho it's quite simple I absolutely adore this bag. I usually use it when I go grocery shopping or when I'm off to the library. It has big space for carrying many books!

Monday, 7 April 2014

Why Nature Is Good For You

The other weekend I, my parents and dog went on an one-hour drive to get out of the city and into the nature. It was wonderful. We took a walk next to a river, walked through the forest and then had a delicious lunch at restaurant near the river. The sky was entirely blue so that the sun could heat us up.

I believe that everyone who has a chance should go into the nature every now and then. At least everyone who knows how to behave there. I find it disgusting when I see that people don't take their behavings and trash with them when they're leaving a place whether it's the popular swimming lake near the city center or the untouched forest. That's just not how you do it and if someone doesn't get that he should stay at home.
But if you respect the nature you wil be rewarded with all of its natural goods. Nothing you can buy. :)

Fresh Air - No air tastes as good as fresh air. Just a one or two hour drive out of your city means more clear air. Your skin will thank you for that little timeout as well.
Clears Your Head - If you have a lot of stress going on in your life (e.g. exams, moving, job) a day in the nature without any sounds of traffic or people will help you clear your head. You'll be surprised how relaxing it is just to think nothing for a second. But you can as well find solutions and answers to questions you've been asking yourself. There's no pressure which makes it easier to reflect on your own.

Calms You - Birds singing, trees moving slowly with the wind... Who can be unsettled at a place like this?

Inspires You - Nature has so many forms and colours. Just keep your eyes open, be intent and you'll find beauty and inspiration.

Let's You Explorer - The nature doesn't set you boundaries as long as you respect it and know where these boundaries should be. Go on an adventure! Walk barefoot through ice cold spring water, drink from it! Roll down a hill until you don't where up and down is anymore! (But please be safe, haha). So many unused possibilities. We don't want to leave them unused, do we?

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Fuzzy 90's Pullover...

Pullover - Sheinside
Flannel - Cheap Monday
Watch - Micheal Kors
Jeans - Topshop
Shoes - DrMartens

Honestly, I could just spend weeks or months in this pullover! It is sooo comfy.
However I'm really content with today's outfit even tho I'm not quite sure if the colours match. But I love this kind of grungy-look due to the flannel around my waist in combination with my Dr Martens and fuzzy 90's pullover. The jeans I'm wearing by the way is my new Topshop jeans I bought last weekend. I really adore those.

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Red is the Colour

Blazer - H&M
Blouse - H&M
Jeans - Topshop
Bag - Topshop
Watch - Micheal Kors

Who said you can't mix red tones? Because I personally think it looks freaking cool! The only thing that held me back so long from a tone on tone combination was the memory of an english teacher I had long ago. She would always wear things in one colour. Everyday. And gosh, it looked awful to me..  (If she's reading this: I'm sorry). However I decided to let go of any prejudices and go for it.
I mixed my favourite Topshop jeans with my H&M Blouse in a pinkish tone which is from the Lana del Rey collection. I love how my bag and Chelsea boots build a dark contrast to the rest of my outfit and how they complement each other.

Today I've been to the city center together with my mum. We planned on going to about 3 stores but ended up staying in Topshop only. I only wanted to buy a black high waisted jeans but they had so many great things in their Sale section... I just had to try everything I liked on. If you're interested in what I ended up buying: I'm doing a Topshop Haul Lookbook soon on my blog. I'm really excited to wear my new things.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Perks of Being Sick

The perks of  being sick? Definitely not the illness itself but let's start from the beginning: Being sick is often a reaction to "too much". Too much work, too much stress, too much unhealthy food (oops), too much...
By being sick your body tells you to slow down a bit and give yourself a break. At that point I think it's important to really allow yourself that break. If you don't you'll get even worse. this happened to me recently so I know what I'm talking about... :(

I don't want to say that I love being sick because that's completely not the case! I'm rather healthy and able to run around breathing in the fresh air outside. But I have to say that being sick is an exception for me as this happens only every now and then (knock on wood!).

It's that time when it's completely okay to spend a whole day in your bed sleeping.
And it's the only time (except birthdays) when you can let someone serve you tea and breakfast while you're snuggled up in your bed.
Yesterday I also started and finished a cute book which made me really happy because I haven't had any time for reading in a while as I found myself studying a lot for my exams recently.

Now I'm feeling much better and I'm ready to rise!
But seriously: I kind of had time for regaining my energy and that's why I think everybody should allow themselves a break every now and then escpecially when you feel an illnes kicking in. Try to balance the "too much" with some free time for yourself without responsibilities.
You'll feel better and be a better you as you'll be able to regenerate your energy!

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Flowery Spring Outfit

Dress - Zara
Cardigan - Zara
Nailpolish - Kiko

I really fell in love with my new dress when I first saw it in Zara. Especially because of its cute collar and flower print that instantly got me in the spring mood! It got even better when I found out it's on sale and cost only around 9€. And now I'm happy that the weather allows me to combine it without having to layer every piece of clothing I own over it, haha.

The pictures were actually taken a few weeks ago just when the first rays of sun fought their way through those constant clouds from the last months. It was still pretty cold tho. But nevertheless I enjoyed the time outside in the nature. I love the nature either it's near my own home or a two hour drive away. This summer I want to go on more adventures in the nature by bike or even roller skates! I'm really looking forward it and hope I'll find the time for it while studying for my final exams.

Monday, 17 March 2014

Roadtrip to Verona and Venice

Second to last weekend I went to Verona and Venice together with two friends. It was only a three day trip but it was great and I really enjoyed it! First of all I think all of us three deserved a timeout of school as we've been stressed out by countless exams over the past few weeks (and still ongoing). And what's a better plan than driving to Italy on our own for three days?
After arriving we took a short nap in our amazing bed and breakfast accommodation which was located 19 minutes away from Verona's city center.
Freshly energized we went to Verona's city center and looked at some sights around there. The arena there (2nd photo) is HUGE! I've already been to Verona once but the size of this still amazes me.
We went on to see Juliet's balcony (from Rome and Juliet!). There was also a wall which was completely covered in scribbles of hearts, names and quotes. Kinda messy but I think it's beautiful to know how many people from all over the world have already written something down on these walls.
We did some shopping at stores like Bershka and Stradivarius.They have quite cute clothes so I had to buy a few! 
The next day we went to Venice by train. It takes about two hours to get there but it's completely worth it.
It's been my friends' and my first time to go to Venice. I've never seen a city built on water and where else can you see this if it's not Venice? For sure it's very expensive at the touristic places but if you go ahead, exploring the small allies you'll find great little stores and restaurants. I bought two venician masks with a lot of glitter and some feathers. They are now decorating my room and maybe I'll wear one of these one day!

One of the best things about Italy must definitely be their food! Whether it's pizza and pasta or sweets from the pasticceria, you'll never be dissapointed! But of course the weather, which is so much warmer than at home, is brilliant!   
However, I must say I really enjoyed my first real holiday only with friends. It's a overall different to travel with friends and it's a fun experience. 

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Primark Haul

I've already been to Primark when I was in London but I honestly didn't buy anything. They had Sale at that point and all things were thrown around, lying on the floor and being walked on. Really not my type of shopping, ahaha. A friend of mine told me about people she knows who drove to the next Primark to go shopping! She was so excited about that, that she planned our (me plus 4 friends) trip to Primark on December 30th. 
And just so that you know: The nearest Primark is a 2 hour drive to the next country!  
At 8 o'clock in the morning  we went off:
bestie is driving! :)
 and there's us chilling in the back seats:

After finding a parking lot we went straight to Primark. And all the people we saw on our way had one or two of the biggest paper bags I have ever seen. All labeled with the Primark inscript. 
It was only half past 10 and there were already plenty of people! And then the shopping started.
I was a bit dissapointed because, yes there were some really cool clothes, but no, not in my size. :(
I still managed to find things that I liked. I waited together with my friend in the queue for the changing rooms. For 45 (!!!) minutes! But we didn't care. We had so much time until we had to go back.
I bought some really cute socks and gloves. And I love my new backpack for only 5€! 

I'm glad there isn't any piece that I regret buying. Those aren't all things to go out with, haha. But I love them anyway! Primark was a pretty fun trip together with my friends. Especially because this was the first time we drove somewhere with the car all on our own. If you're wondering why: It's because where I live you can only drive alone at 18.
Like I said Primark was fun but I doubt that I would ever prefer it to my favourite shops like Brandy Melville or Zara (amd many more!! :D ). 
See you hopefully next Saturday! School starts on Tuesday and I'm afraid I don't have time for a big blogpost but I'll go for it and try my best. See you then xoxo