Saturday, 4 January 2014

Primark Haul

I've already been to Primark when I was in London but I honestly didn't buy anything. They had Sale at that point and all things were thrown around, lying on the floor and being walked on. Really not my type of shopping, ahaha. A friend of mine told me about people she knows who drove to the next Primark to go shopping! She was so excited about that, that she planned our (me plus 4 friends) trip to Primark on December 30th. 
And just so that you know: The nearest Primark is a 2 hour drive to the next country!  
At 8 o'clock in the morning  we went off:
bestie is driving! :)
 and there's us chilling in the back seats:

After finding a parking lot we went straight to Primark. And all the people we saw on our way had one or two of the biggest paper bags I have ever seen. All labeled with the Primark inscript. 
It was only half past 10 and there were already plenty of people! And then the shopping started.
I was a bit dissapointed because, yes there were some really cool clothes, but no, not in my size. :(
I still managed to find things that I liked. I waited together with my friend in the queue for the changing rooms. For 45 (!!!) minutes! But we didn't care. We had so much time until we had to go back.
I bought some really cute socks and gloves. And I love my new backpack for only 5€! 

I'm glad there isn't any piece that I regret buying. Those aren't all things to go out with, haha. But I love them anyway! Primark was a pretty fun trip together with my friends. Especially because this was the first time we drove somewhere with the car all on our own. If you're wondering why: It's because where I live you can only drive alone at 18.
Like I said Primark was fun but I doubt that I would ever prefer it to my favourite shops like Brandy Melville or Zara (amd many more!! :D ). 
See you hopefully next Saturday! School starts on Tuesday and I'm afraid I don't have time for a big blogpost but I'll go for it and try my best. See you then xoxo

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