Saturday, 14 December 2013

Check In

I started my blog on the 7th of December. It took me some time until I eventually was pleased with the layout. Now I feel prepared for starting to post! I'm really excited and curious.
I can't exactly tell you what my blog posts will be about but I think I'll focus on fashion and lifestyle as my main topics. Let's just see where life takes me so I can blog about it.
Let me tell you some things about me: My name is Laila and I'm 17 years old.
I have a cat about whom I may tell you more about in some blogpost! Also I'm in my last year of school which means I'll finish school some time between May and June 2014 which is absolutely exciting to me.
I love taking pictures, dancing, watching movies and series, writing, meeting friends and traveling.
I hope you enjoy my blog and maybe give it a follow on bloglovin to keep updated!

see you soon! xxx

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