Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Late Night Thoughts

My exams are finally over. I actually thought they will never end in the beginning but looking back I'm really glad I made it.
Now I'm in my room, relaxing and listening to music. Majestic Casual has always been one of my favourite (Remix-) Channel on Youtube. But this one is my current favourite of them:

 Listening to this song got me thinking. About the future, the present and things I could do. Things to make other people smile or to make a day special. Stepping out of your comfort zone is probably the catchword. I actually have a "Things before I die" Bucketlist and I really love it. It helps me not to forget what life can bring up to me when I have low time which means laying in bed all day and worrying about the future. Nonetheless I love bucketlists, I feel like making a list for little things I could do. Just like buying a bouquet of flowers and handing one flower to every person that looks like he needs some appreciation. Or talking to some complete stranger. I think these times people are not kind enough to each other. Not like everybody hates each other or so. That's not what I mean. More like the behaviour when everyone is walking on the street in their own little world. This world may be in their head or maybe in their mobile phone.
But don't we all ever imagine scenes like strangers giving us flowers? Why not be this stranger? I feel like talking cliche but this idea of giving kindness really appeals to me. You could also as well make other people laugh in some way. Or kid them. I've never stopped thinking about the "putting pudding in a mayo jar and eating it in public"-story. 
Those are just some thoughts that came to my mind during the last minutes and I felt like sharing these. And maybe I inspired someone. 
Have a goodnight! xxx

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